Our Team

Ken Sommers, Executive Director

Ken Sommers is a faculty member and coach at the Out-of-Door Academy in Sarasota, Florida.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Global Outreach and Love of Soccer (GOALS).  Prior to pursuing a career in education, Ken served in the United States Peace Corps and worked in politics and finance.  Ken has a BA from Hamilton College and MBA from Georgetown University.  He is drawn to sport-for-development because it lies at the intersection of his interests in sport, philanthropy and youth development.

Tim Brewer, Review Board Member

Tim Brewer is a graduate of Central Michigan University.  He has a BAA in Graphic Design and a Minor in Business Administration. He is currently teaching Art and is The Director of Student Activities at The Out-of Door Academy in Sarasota Florida.  Tim is a lifelong athlete who coaches a variety of sports and designs sport-related summer camp programs for kids. Whether it’s instructing six year-olds on the soccer pitch or eighteen year-old varsity football players, the life lessons learned through sport are the same.  Perseverance, cooperation and compassion are all qualities that transcend sport make us better human beings.

Sean Ryan, Review Board Member

Sean Ryan, CSCP is a Director with The Alexander Group (AGI), based in the Stamford, CT office.  Mr. Ryan has over 16 years of sales management and effectiveness consulting experience with senior executive teams and has led more than 100 engagements with clients over the course of his career.  Mr. Ryan holds a BA from Hamilton College, with a concentration in Economics.  He is a Certified Sales Compensation Professional (CSCP) certified by World @ Work.

Mr. Ryan’s interest in Games 4 Good stems from his experience in competitive sports in high school and college and an abiding recognition of the positive benefits that sports can offer in building communities and understanding among disparate groups. Mr. Ryan is excited about the prospect of blending sports and outreach as a means to create enduring relationships and opportunities for achievement on a targeted, micro-level.

Kona Shen, Review Board Member

Kona Shen is the Founder and Executive Director of G.O.A.L.S. Haiti, a non-profit sport-for-development organization that uses soccer to engage kids in programs that improve their quality of life.

Camela Giraud, Review Board Member

Camela Giraud has 20 years of professional experience in education.  Early in her career, her work with Outward Bound solidified a passion for experiential learning. Her work in schools has included many years as a high school English teacher, though her passion for engaging students in real world learning has extended her teaching well beyond the classroom.

Outside of work, Camela loves adventure travel, talk radio, art, and writing. She is the mother of two school-aged children who have taught her many things from the joys of a good Little League game to the words of many songs she wouldn’t otherwise ever hear.

Our Team