Grant Process / Requirements

The Games 4 Good Foundation (G4G) financially supports organizations that harness the power of sport to effect positive change.  The foundation’s review board looks forward to considering grants from geographic locations and sectors of great need.

G4G will consider sport-for-development projects addressing issues such as: education, social integration, health, gender equality, leadership and (more generally) localized needs for community development.  Grant proposals should be for projects ranging from $5,000 to $10,000.

Grant Requirements

1)    A one-page organizational introduction that outlines mission, experience, personnel and future growth plans.

2)    Inclusion of the organization’s 990 form.  Eligibility is limited to organizations with budgets under $400,000. Organizations with annual budgets of $250,000 or less will receive preferential consideration.

3)    Proof of federal tax-exempt status in the United States (501c3).

4)    Project description that includes: 1) statement of need 2) project goal, 3) target demographic, 4) duration, 5) number of people impacted and 6) summary of activities to implement plan.  The entire project description should be no more than 750 words.

5)    A budget for the program.

6)    A plan to raise awareness in the media about the organization and the impact of sport on development.

7)    A monitoring and evaluation plan (including metrics) that the organization will execute and provide to the Games 4 Good Foundation review board on a quarterly basis.  Applicants will also be required to provide pictures and a short write up twice a year for inclusion on Games 4 Good Foundation social media.

8)    A statement outlining your vision for Board of Director involvement and the current structure of the board.

9)   Any faith-based organization is welcome to apply, so long as its mission does not include proselytization of any religious faith.  Also, applicants cannot be late or in arrears with its IRS Form 990 filing and cannot appear on the State Department’s or UN’s list of suspect organizations.

10)    Optional: Annual report or other organizational documents that reflect an ability to execute the non-profit’s mission.

11)   Finalists will have a phone call with a member of the Games 4 Good Foundation team to discuss the project.

Please submit one copy of these documents electronically to [email protected]

Grant applications may also be sent to:

Games 4 Good Foundation

6547 Midnight Pass Road #41

Sarasota, FL 34242

Review Board Criteria

Successful grants will provide comprehensive answers to the requirements above.  In addition, project proposals should range from $5,000-$10,000, exhibit sustainability and clearly articulate the organization’s ability to address a specific need in cost-effective fashion.

Submission Deadlines

April 20, 2018: Application deadline for organizations working in underserved communities worldwide.


Grant Process / Requirements