Games 4 Good Announces 2017 Partners!



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The Games 4 Good Foundation is thrilled to partner with seven organizations across four continents that are harnessing the power of sport to affect positive change. You can learn more about our partners here:

Reclaim Childhood- Jordan

Reclaim Childhood (RC) runs high-quality after-school sports leagues, month-long summer camps and leadership programs out of Amman, Jordan. It serves vulnerable women and girls, including refugees ages 6-18 from Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and Sudan, as well as at-risk Jordanian youth. RC seeks to provide the opportunity for our girls to benefit from and learn the transformational power of sport.

Today, girls living in the MIddle East have few opportunities to play sports. Athletics are seen as a boys-only space. But at Reclaim Childhood, they believe sport has the power to inspire confidence, hope and ambition in athletes — and that sports must include refugee girls. Team oriented games at all levels provide the psychosocial support necessary to improve self-esteem, strengthen peer relationships and foster leadership. Through sport, our girls overcome trauma, develop self-confidence, and build connections that make a difference in the long run, both on and off the playing field.

To learn more click HERE

KPI- Rwanda

Founded by 3-time Olympian Tracy Evans in 2008, Kids Play International (KPI), uses sport to promote gender equity in communities impacted by genocide. With the goal of building a better community with a bigger purpose, G4G funds will help KPI harness the power of sport and the Olympic value of Fair Play to inspire the next generation to positively shift gender norms in Rwanda. Rooted in the belief that sport can be a powerful catalyst for social change, KPI’s programs embrace and teach the inspirational Fair Play attributes of: respect, community, contribution, opportunity and moral courage.

To learn more click HERE

Play Global- Baseball in Israel

Play Global uses baseball to find common ground between 
Jewish and Arab communities in Israel that are deeply segregated. From historical roots to present-day realities, these two groups live in social separation that can contribute to prejudice and conflict. While geographically near each other, their differences in religion, language and ethnicity keep them divided.

Building relationships and connections between youth in Israel through baseball is a step toward building peace. By knowing peers from the other group, kids grow up recognizing how much they have in common rather what divides them. Personal relationships replace stereotypes as these children grow into more open-minded adults.

Play Global runs and integrated baseball program in the town of Ramle, Israel. Ramle is one of a handful of ‘mixed’ towns in Israel, where the population is more evenly split between Arabs and Jews.

To learn more click HERE

GOALS- Soccer in Armenia

Girls of Armenia Leadership Soccer (GOALS) recognizes that young women are key to the future socio-economic success of Armenia. By utilizing sport for social impact curriculum, GOALS encourages discussion that challenges traditional gender mindsets. After one year participants already demonstrated an 18% improvement in self determination and a 19% increase in belief that women can be leaders. With 12- month support from Games 4 Good, from August 1, 2017 until August 1, 2018 GOALS will increase its impact and continue changing mindsets across Armenia.

GOALS Armenia’s work is possible through its partnership with Coaches Across Continents (CAC) which develops Sport for Social Impact Games and supports GOALS in developing culturally-specific games. CAC’s ongoing support helps GOALS develop games for international days such as Women’s Day, Peace Day, etc. and support us in holding trainings with their best practices, developed through years of working in over 90 countries.

To learn more click HERE

Mini-Mermaids- Michigan

Mini Mermaids Running Club (MMRC) is a six-week discovery of movement and exposure to sport when children need it most.  Throughout 12 sessions each 1.5 hours long, adult volunteer coaches lead groups of no more than ten girls per club through fitness, nutrition, and self-development. Small groups lead to open discussion, focused workouts and encouragement for everyone to find their happy pace. Each child receives a journal for reflection, t-shirt, supplies for activities within the curriculum, race entry to a local 5k and finishers medal. All coaches are given a handbook, training with MMRC staff, supplies for their team of ten children as well as race entry to a local 5k.

To learn more click HERE

Shooting Touch- Basketball in Rwanda

Shooting Touch is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to use the power of basketball to educate and empower young people around the world. Founded in 2007, Shooting Touch utilizes a sport-for-social-development model that provides at-risk, underserved youth with access to regular sports and education that models healthy habits. Shooting touch uses the sport of basketball to achieve three objectives: 1) promote physical activity and wellness; 2) support equal access to sport; and 3) empower communities to work together to create social change breaking the cycle of poverty and disease. Shooting Touch currently provides programming in Rwanda and the United States and has served over 11,000 youth in the last ten years.

In Rwanda, its signature program, The Basketball Health Corps (BHC) currently serves over 1,500 youth, ages 7-21, from 7 rural communities in the Republic of Rwanda’s Eastern Province.

To learn more click HERE

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Games 4 Good Announces 2017 Partners!