Games 4 Good Foundation partners with Israeli Lacrosse Association

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The Games 4 Good Foundation is excited to announce its first round of grant partners using sport to effect positive change!  Over the next two weeks, we will reveal our grant winners.  We are proud to announce the Israel Lacrosse Association as one of our first grant recipients!

The Israel Lacrosse Association utilizes the game of lacrosse to engage and empower the at-risk Jewish and Arab youth of Israel.  The sport serves as a mechanism to develop youth leadership skills, cultivate an environment of inclusivity and collaboration, and also to combat feelings of isolation and apathy.

Games 4 Good (G4G) funding will support expansion efforts in the community of Jaffa, a marginalized city next to Tel Aviv.  Comprised of both Jews and Arabs living in close quarters, Jaffa suffers from drug abuse, a high-crime rate, and violence.  Lacrosse serves as a mechanism for trust-building and leadership development between both youth populations and also enables the youth to impact the Jaffa community through various projects that reflect what they have learned from the playing field.

The project goal is to use the sport of lacrosse to build a community of inclusivity and civility among the Jewish and Arab youth of the city.  Furthermore, lacrosse serves as a vehicle for the cultivation of youth leadership skills and emotional intelligence, while also fighting feelings of isolation and apathy.  The ultimate goal is to build, expand, and fortify the program, enabling the asscociation to continue to develop players to be leaders in shifting the consciousness of the city’s youth population.

If you would like to learn more about our mission or our partners’ programs, please feel free to contact us.

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